Monday, June 21, 2010

The Beginning

I was born a poor black girl.. No that's not right.. I was born a rich white Jewish American Princess.. I had everything I wanted and needed.. My parents gave me love, wealth and a great sense of humor... I lost it all in the war!! what war?? I didn't go to war or did I?  I went to High School at General Douglas Macarthur in Levittown, New York.. I wore my Prada Proudly!! Had one friend and a great car!!A 1969 Convertible Grand Sport - California Orange. No one else in New York had this color!! My daddy bought it for me!! wooohooo

No boyfriends at school so I hung out at a ripe ole age of 13 at the bars in Bellmore, New York.. What a great start!! All the beer, wine and margarita's a young Jewish Gal could want.. wait that's not how the story is suppose to go.. well as Ellen says "Anyways" I'll stop here and show off my latest creations.. It's a digital Layout of my new Grand Nephew John.. My niece lives in Florida as well as my remaining sister Susan.. My unremaining sister Barbara is my hero... She was the wings beneath my feets.. Here is my LO, created with papers that I am selling at my shop I Did It Creations.. Shop there for Digital Stamps, Custom Created Cards, Digital Scrapbooking Supplies and more, more more.. Someday I hope to have a line of real goods.. I'm working on it folks.. Even got a store lined up in Plainfield I would love to lease. oh! I got sidetracked here is the LO.. Aint he a cutey patootie. I wish I was closer to my niece I'd love to see da baby cakes!

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